Don’t leave your Scout group unprotected
29 January 2021

Don’t leave your Scout group unprotected during the Covid pandemic, by neglecting your insurance

Scouting looks very different during this Coronavirus pandemic. Digital meetings replacing weekly face-to-face meetings, plans for camps and overseas travel put on hold and your minibus parked outside rather that transporting Cubs and Scouts to name a few.

Although you may not be using your building and camping and other kit, it doesn’t mean that your group doesn’t need insurance.  Many of the reasons for needing the protection of an insurance policy still remain, even if your circumstances are different.

Protecting your group’s property against loss, damage or theft 

You may not be using your Scout hut for weekly meetings or your tents at camp, but there are still risks that you need to insure against.  Your buildings could still suffer storm damage or vandalism, while your equipment could be stolen or damaged.

While crimes from homes may have fallen during the Covid-19 restrictions with more people working from home, we know that there has been increases in theft and vandalism against unattended buildings during his time.

If your group’s property were lost, damaged or stolen, you would have to pay for their replacements.  For large losses such as building repairs or your camping equipment being stolen, you may not have readily available funds to replace them. Insurance can safeguard you and your property against the risk of loss, damage or theft.

Staying legal

As you may know, both Motor insurance and employers’ liability are a legal requirement. 

If your Group owns any motor vehicles, such as a minibus, which is driven on public roads, there is still a need to have motor insurance in place. Even if it is not being used and is parked outside on a public road, you must have motor insurance.

You must have Employers’ Liability Insurance for people you employ. Even staff on furlough need to be covered by your employers’ liability policy.

Don’t forget the other reasons your Scout group needs insurance

Risk Assessment only goes so far.

If we carry out thorough and regular risk assessments and take action to minimise risks, why should there be a need for insurance cover at all?

In many cases risk management can only minimise the risk of an accident, loss or damage, not eliminate it completely.  There are also some things that are outside the control of a Scout Group, such as flooding and storms.  Insurance can protect your group financially from those risks you cannot completely control or remove.

The Scout Association’s insurance policies don't cover everything.

Whilst The Scout Association provides cover for Personal Accident and Medical Expenses for Members, Public Liability (including property owners' and product liability) and Trustees Indemnity, there are still some things Groups need to insure themselves.

Your group’s own buildings, equipment, minibuses and money, as well as travel are not covered under these policies. You will have to arrange your own insurance for these risks.

For details of our range of insurance covers designed for Scouting, click here or call us on 0345 040 7703.

Suitable insurance is still a POR requirement

Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) Chapter 8 covers insurance. It states that every Scout Group must maintain adequate insurance cover, to be reviewed annually.

Don’t leave your group without cover, we’re here to help

We understand with all that’s doing on during this pandemic, a policy renewal could easily have been missed or insurance isn’t top of your to do list.  But don’t let your policies lapse or assume you don’t need insurance as you’re not meeting or running activities face-to-face.   

As the policyholder, you have a duty to make your insurer or broker aware of any changes to your circumstances that may be relevant to your insurance.  This will help ensure that your cover is still right for your group.

Speak to our friendly team of Scout insurance professionals.  We can quickly put you back on cover, if you’ve accidentally let your policy lapse, or check that your cover still meets your needs.

If you have any questions about how the pandemic may have affected your insurance needs, we’ll be happy to talk you through this and your options. Please call us on 0345 040 7703 to make sure your group has the insurance protection it needs during this challenging times.

Further information and advice

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