EJ2020 Travel Insurance Claims
30 November 2020

European Jamboree 2020 Travel Insurance Claims

We are sorry that EJ2020 has had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be expenditure associated with your planned trip that you will want to be refunded.  This article explains how you can get refunds from your travel providers and claim on your insurance policy arranged by Unity.

Following the cancellation of EJ2020 insurers confirm coverage for irrecoverable deposits, charges, or advance payments for travel and/or accommodation expenses. This includes any participant fees paid to EJ2020 that are non-refundable. The amount of deposit to be refunded is yet to be confirmed by the event organisers.

Your Cancellation Cover

Under the Disruption (cancellation or curtailment) section of your travel insurance wording cover is provided for the following: 
'Up to £1,000 for loss of deposits, or charges, or advance payments for travel or accommodation or other charges which have not or will not be used, but which become forfeit or payable under contract for any one Trip if You are forced to cancel any part of a planned Trip prior to the commencement of that Trip as the direct and necessary result of any cause outside Your control or that of the Group Policyholder.'

Please note that you may have purchased cancelation cover for more than £1,000 per person. Refer to you Schedule of Cover for confirmation of the level of cancellation cover that you have purchased.
The cancellation by the event organisers of the European Jamboree, which was rescheduled to take place between 2-13 August 2021 on Sobieszewo Island, is deemed to be a cause outside of your control and therefore your travel policy will respond. However there is cover only for those expenses that have been deemed irrecoverable. See exhibit below for those expenses that are covered and not covered under your policy.

Head of Claim Recoverable  Explanation
EJ2020 Participant / Leaders Camp fees  Yes     PLN 1,850 (£370) per person less recoverable from EJ2020
EJ2020 IST Camp fees Yes     PLN 1,200 (£240) per person less recoverable from EJ2020
Foreign Exchange bank charges Yes     Reasonable charges for foreign currency transactions.
Transport to Poland  Yes     Non-refundable Flight or Coach costs
Transport to Airport/Seaport Yes     Non-refundable Coach or train ticket to and from International departure points
Food & Sustenance No These costs would not be covered and not expended
Kit (Camping equipment and branded clothing) No These items would be retained for future use
Pre-Camp meetings No These would have taken place and not subject to cancellation
The first £20 of each person's claim No Policy excess
Cost of travel insurance No Cannot form part of the claim.

Step 1 - Refunds from your travel and accommodation providers

It is your responsibility to exhaust all potential avenues for recovery first before you look to claim from your travel insurance. This includes contacting the travel and accommodation providers in the first instance and request that they provide a refund of the amounts you have paid them. For more details on your rights to recovery of your travel and accommodation expenses please refer to our guidance "How to get refunds on your trips cancelled because of Covid-19 issues"

Step 2 - Claiming on your insurance policy

The organisers of the European Jamboree will be providing a partial refund of their fees. The policy will cover the irrecoverable portion of these fees once this amount has been confirmed.
Once you have exhausted all potential avenues of recovery you must complete a claim form. You will have been sent a claim form by Unity. If you have not received a claim form via email then please find a blank copy of the claim form attached via this link: Travel Claim Form

The claim form must be completed and returned to:


Included in the subject of the email should be

  • your group name
  • policy number and
  • the name of cancelled event being Eurojam

The email to Intana should include confirmation in writing of your attempts to secure refunds.
You should submit one claim per policy, not for each individual who was due to travel to EJ2020.  One payment will be paid to the group for the claim.  The group would then be responsible for reimbursing individuals in their party. The policy excesses for individuals would still apply, and be deducted from any final claim payment.