Prompter payment of property claims
14 October 2019

Prompter payment of property claims for Scouts and Guides

Nobody likes to wait for claims payment if their buildings are damaged or equipment stolen.  We realise that you want to replace your lost or damaged property as soon as you can.

Here at Unity, we’ve installed a new claims payment process allowing us to pay the majority Scout and Guide property and equipment claims quicker. 

Before the new system, once a claim was agreed it could take a week for a claims payment to be input, approved and processed and reach the claimant`s account several days later.

Now with the new system, we can process the payment on the day that the claim is agreed. Money is transferred into the claimant`s account on the same day. 

A real life example of the difference of this new system makes and the benefit to the group is:

  • A Scout group submitted a claim on a Friday afternoon, provided the claim form and bank account details on the Monday morning. We processed the payment so that funds were received on Monday afternoon. 


We’re receiving extremely positive reactions from our customers.  We’re determined to provide an excellent service to our customers and the use of our new system and faster claims settlements is one example of how we are achieving this.