Travel insurance and a No Deal Brexit
25 March 2019

Travel insurance essentials for a No Deal Brexit

Updated 8 January 2021

You can read the latest update (January 2021) here "Travelling in Europe post Brexit. What’s changed?"

Travel insurance essentials for a No Deal Brexit

Our invaluable tips will help to ensure that you’re suitably covered on your travels, so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip, even in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

General travel insurance advice

A good insurance policy will cover your organisation for cancelling or cutting a trip short under certain circumstances outside of your control, so it is best to have it in place from the outset. Therefore ensure that you organise your insurance before arranging or paying for anything else.  

Always check the conditions and exclusions of your group’s travel insurance policy.  Make sure that all the activities that your group are undertaking are included and detail these to your broker to ensure the most appropriate cover is in place. 

Pre-existing health problems can limit cover on many travel policies so also make sure that you are aware of individuals requirements and that these are detailed specifically where necessary. 

Finally, check that your organisation’s equipment is covered as well as your group’s personal belongings.

No Deal Brexit Considerations

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal and/or without an implementation period and you’re planning to travel to the EEA after Brexit, there are likely to be changes that you will need to prepare in advance for. These include:

Passports: Check your renewal date

You may need to renew your British passport earlier than expected. You should renew your passport if, on the day you travel, your passport either has less than 6 months left or is more than 9 years and 6 months old. Be aware also that there may be changes in the way your group will pass through Passport Control at the airport or ferry terminal.

Travel insurance and European Health Insurance Card

Check the terms of your travel insurance policy documents before you go to ensure you understand what you are covered for, including any possible disruptions as a result of Brexit.

Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card will not be valid. It is therefore important that you check your health insurance will cover you and your group members for specific health considerations. You may have to find a specialist insurer for this cover, depending on what may be required.

Green cards for motorists 

Depending on the final terms of Brexit, if you are taking your vehicle outside of the UK you will need to obtain a Green card if the UK is no longer part of the free circulation area.  A green card proves you have the necessary motor insurance that you need to drive abroad.  

Your motor insurance provider will provide you with a green card, if you ask for one but do make sure you allow enough time for this.  The Association of British Insurers (ABI) recommends you contact your provider about a month before you travel to request one.  Check your motor insurance policy carefully as you may find that in certain accident situations your UK insurance may not be valid.

More information can be found in our post: "Be Prepared for Driving in Europe after Brexit"

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