Unoccupied charity buildings and Scout huts due to the COVID-19 outbreak
24 March 2020

Unoccupied buildings and Scout huts due to the COVID-19 outbreak

We understand that as more and more employees are working from home and your Scout meetings are suspended following the coronavirus outbreak and Government guidance, your buildings may be empty for much longer than usual. 

Unfortunately if your building is no longer occupied or being used regularly, this represents a greater risk for vandalism and theft. It is important that you take measures to protect it.  

We suggest some straightforward steps you could consider taking to minimise these risks:

  • Securely lock all external doors, close and lock all opening windows (where fitted with locking devices).
  • Lock equipment away out of sight
  • Remove all keys from the locks and kept in a secure place away from the premises.
  • Switch off
    • Gas supplies
      unless it maintains a central heating system
    • Electricity supplies
      unless it maintains a central heating system or existing intruder alarm systems, fire protection systems, CCTV, security lighting or sprinkler systems.
  • Turn off all taps, stopcocks and mains supply valves and drain down tanks and pipes.
    Unless this is not possible, because you need to maintain a central heating system, a minimum temperature of 7°C must be maintained within the property at all times.
  • Inspect the buildings internally and externally at least once per week to check the security and general condition of the premises.*
    * We do understand you may be are unable to comply with the checking of properties or equipment due to being unable to travel for any reason as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Therefore these warranties will not be enforced on our Scout and Guide Property and Equipment policy during this current outbreak as defined by the UK government.
  • Clear any waste, refuse and other disused combustible materials from the buildings and any grounds nearby.

Further information about your Scout premises

You can find more information about the use and maintenance of Scout premises as restrictions ease, by visiting the Scouts website: Planning a safe return to face to face Scouts