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  Specialist insurance for
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacon events
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  youth group insurance
  Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacon

This cover is no longer avaialble as the Diamond Jubilee Beacons events took place on Monday 4th June 2012.

As this cover is specifically for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons events and any associated events, this policy cannot be purchased or changes made to your cover on or after Monday 4th June, when the Diamond Jubilee Beacons were lit.

We hope you had a successful and enjoyable Diamond Jubilee celebration.

If you need cover for other events that you are organising, please visit our
"Insuring Charity Events and Fundraising Activities" page for more informatiion on how we can help you or contact us on 0845 0945 702.

Unity Insurance Services worked with The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons and provided insurance covers specifically for Diamond Jubilee Beacon events. Unity Insurance Services Diamond Jubilee Beacons events policies are underwritten by charity insurance specialist Ecclesiastical Insurance.

Ecclesiastical Insurance

Both Unity and Ecclesiastical are owned by charities and donate all their available profits back to charity.

If you took out this policy and want to make a claim, either:

  • click on the "Existing Customer" link on the right and then select “Notify a claim”, or
  • refer to page 4 of your policy document "Making a Claim" and contact Ansvar Insurance, who are dealing with the claims.

    Claims Department
    Ansvar Insurance
    Ansvar House
    St Leonards Road
    BN21 3UR

    Phone Ansvar on 0845 60 20 999 or 01323 737541
    Fax: 01323 739355
    Email: ansvar.claims@ansvar.co.uk
    Online: www.ansvar.co.uk

    Ansvar’s normal working hours are from 08:45 to 17:00 - Monday to Friday.


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