Personal Accident Insurance for Scout Helpers

Additional Personal Accident Insurance for Scouts

Additional personal accident and medical expenses insurance

For non-members

We can arrange same level of cover for non-members associated with your Scout group, district or county, as the members receive.   

Non-member helpers and supporters

For those who don’t appear in the annual census of members, including parent helpers, who are not automatically included in the cover arranged by the Scouts.

Non-member children

For children who aren’t members of the Scouts, but who attend, or take part in, weekly meetings or events because they’re accompanying their parent(s), or with other adults.

Extra Cover

Personal Injury Plan

We’ve developed a ‘top-up’ cover, the Personal Injury Plan (PIP), which provides an optional facility to our members and their families, including the parents and siblings of members, to top-up their basic Personal Accident and Medical Expenses cover.

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