Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance for Scouts

Cyber Liability Insurance for Scout groups

Scout Groups aren’t immune to cyber-attacks or data breaches, and their consequences. If you hold sensitive personal data electronically, are dependent on computer systems, own a website and accept payments online and or by card, you’re at risk.

Not all cyber risks can be anticipated or prevented, and an effective insurance policy will respond to cyber incidents and form part of your risk management.

What’s covered?

A Cyber Liability insurance policy can cover the following type of losses:

  • Breach costs can offer practical support in the event of a data breach, including forensic investigations, legal advice and notifying customers or regulators.
  • Cyber business interruption cover can compensate for loss of income, for example, if a hacker targets your systems and prevents your Group from earning revenue.
  • Hacker damage cover reimburses you for the costs of repair, restoration or replacement if a hacker causes damage to your websites, programmes or electronic data.
  • Cyber extortion will protect you if a hacker tries to hold your Group to ransom by covering the ransom you have paid, as well as the services of a leading risk consultancy firm to help manage the situation.
  • Network security, privacy and confidentiality liability
  •  Network security, privacy liability (regulatory)
  • Crisis containment can provide expert support to mitigate reputational damage.
  • Privacy protection cover pays to defend and settle claims made against you for failing to keep people's personal data secure.
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Payment card industry data security standard – fines
  • Penalties and assessments

Extensions which you can add to your policy include::

  • Outsource service provider or cloud service provider failure
  • Income loss and extra expense.
  • E-Theft
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