Scout climbing liability cover
23 November 2021

Changes to Scouts Liability Cover for Climbing Events and Non-Member Children

As you may be aware, Scouts provides a Public Liability insurance policy for all local Scouting groups and members.  This insurance cover is there to protect groups, in the event of a claim where negligence has to be proved.

The Scouts has increased the Public Liability cover to include:

  • Non member children (NMC) Liability cover 
  • Campsite Liability cover

From 1 January 2022, this no longer needs to be purchased by groups, districts, counties or Scout campsites and activity centres saving time and money.

What has changed?

  • All third party climbing and abseiling activities are now covered by the Scouts Public Liability policy.
  • Acts of negligence by non-member children are covered for liability claims.  
  • There is no longer a requirement to check at County level if this insurance cover is in force. It’s an automatic cover for all groups.

What has not changed?

Note – the difference between a Personal Accident policy is that in the event of an incident, compensation can be awarded regardless of blame. Public Liability policies require negligence to be proven if compensation is to be awarded.


If a member or non-member alleges negligence and wishes to make a claim against your group, please contact Unity and talk to Lucy on 0345 040 7701.