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The current Scout Public Liability Policy extended to 31 January 2023

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Unity isn't your typical insurance broker. We're owned by Scouts, employed by Scouts, and our mission is simple: to give back to our scouting community while protecting your insurance needs.

When you choose Unity, you're not just safeguarding your group's assets and reputation; you're actively championing scouting. All profits are gift-aided back to scouting, keeping membership fees affordable. It's a win-win for everyone.

At Unity, we respect the dedication and drive of volunteers and staff that goes into charity work. We admire your commitment and want to help you.  Whether you’re insured with Unity or not, we’re here to help you with any insurance questions you may have no matter how big or small. 

Our Scout policy goes beyond offering peace of mind.  It’s underwritten by insurers who provide exclusive benefits you won’t find elsewhere. If you’re insured with Atrium Underwriters, you will enjoy FREE desktop building valuations, ensuring protection from underinsurance. You will also receive FREE event cover for unlimited events up to £10k and the added convenience of Unity handling your claims in-house for values up to £30k.

Unity's unique ownership keeps insurance within our scouting community. We offer comprehensive cover and excellent service while we support Scout HQ initiatives.

Scout Public Liability

The 2023 Scout Public Liability certificate is extended to 1st May 2025

To download your copy of the certificate, please click here.


The official insurance broker for Scouts

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Scout HQ provides some Insurance cover

Automatically protecting groups and members

Public Liability Insurance:

Scout HQ provides this insurance as it’s crucial for volunteers running Scouting events. It offers protection in case of accidents or damages during these events. Unity holds the Public Liability Certificate, which you can download here.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance:

Scouts HQ provides this insurance to protect your group's trustees in case of legal issues.

Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Insurance:

Scout HQ provides this insurance to protect your members in the event of an injury during a Scout activity. It's all about ensuring their well-being and peace of mind.

If you don't use Unity Insurance Services, please check you're not buying duplicate insurance for the above policies.   If in doubt, please call, we are happy to help clarify.  We're here to provide a service to our scouting community. 

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Unity can cover all your insurance needs

As proud members of scouting, we understand the importance of coming together to support young people and equip them with the skills for life. That's what makes Unity unique as an insurance broker.  Call us today and let us help you.

"We have always received a great service in the years I have been dealing with Unity"

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Why does a Scout group need insurance?

If a Scout group suffered a serious loss such as major damage to its buildings or equipment, which wasn’t insured, it would have to cover the loss from its own funds.

Suitable insurance is a POR requirement, and some types of insurance are required by law.

What insurance must a Scout group have?

By law if a Scout group owns a minibus or other motor vehicles or has employees, it must insure them. If it owns a building, boats a large amount of equipment, or arranges travel, POR states it must have adequate insurance.

As a group, what are we covered for by The Scout Association?

The Scout Association provides protection for liability claims made against groups (under its Public Liability Policy).

The Association also provides Property Owners Liability Cover for all Scout owned buildings and Trustee Indemnity Insurance for all Scout management committees and trustees.

What activities are our Scout Group insured for?

You’re covered for all activities allowed under POR for public liability, as long as you follow POR rules for the activity and are authorised to lead the activity. You can check POR for further information:

POR does say that you would need to take out additional liability cover for activities involving motor vehicles, aircraft and/or gliders, and some marine activities. 


As a Member, what am I covered for by The Scout Association?

The Scout Association provides protection for its Members while participating in a Scouting activity for: Liability claims made against Members (under its Public Liability Policy); and Medical expenses that are a result of an accident on a Scouting activity (under its Personal Accident and Medical Expenses policy).

If you are a trustee on the management committees of a Scout group, you are covered by Trustee’s Indemnity Insurance.

Do we need event or travel cover for an international, county or district Scout camp?

It depends on whether you’re organising the event or simply attending it. If you're the event organiser, you should consider event cancellation and abandonment cover. If you are an attendee, you should consider UK or overseas travel insurance

In both cases you may need Property and Equipment cover for your group’s equipment or items you hire or borrow.

What activities may our Scout group need additional cover for?

You would need to take out additional liability cover for activities involving motor vehicles, aircraft and/or gliders, and marine activities with boats more 5 metres in length. 

If you’re unsure if you require additional insurance, contact Unity.

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