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We're not only the official insurance broker for the Scouts, but we're owned by them too.

Our 80 years’ heritage means we understand Scouting and what cover you need. We use this knowledge and expertise to support your Scout group and meet your Scout insurance needs. This, coupled with our flexible and empathetic approach, makes it easy for you to work with us.

What makes us different?

As well as arranging tailored insurance cover at competitive premiums:

  • We're your insurance broker, the only one owned by the Scouts.
  • Over 80 years’ experience providing cover to the Scout Movement
  • You get a personal service from our dedicated team of experienced Account Handlers, who between them have over 60 years’ experience of working with Scouts.
  • We work only with like-minded insurers who share our commitment and understanding of Scouting issues.
  • If you need to make a claim , we help you through the process, getting you reimbursed as quickly as possible.
  • All our profits are returned to the Scouts helping support the members

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  • 84% were very satisfied or satisfied with the service from us.

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"Since 2018 I have had to contact Unity a number of times and have always received excellent service."

15th St Helens (St Andrews) Scout Group

Cover provided for Scout groups and members

The Scouts provides protection for liability claims made against members or groups and medical expenses that are a result of a Scouting activity. It also provides protection for all Scout management committees and trustees.

Insurance cover your Scout group may need to consider

Unfortunately, the Scouts’ insurance policies don’t cover everything. There are still some things your group need to insure itself.

Your group’s own buildings, equipment, a minibus or other motor vehicles and money, as well as travel are not covered under these policies. You will have to arrange your own insurance for these.



Find out more about the specialist Scout insurance policies, we can arrange for your Scout group, district, county or campsite.


"We have always received a great service in the years I have been dealing with Unity"

3rd Woodthorpe Scout Group

Why Scout groups need their own insurance

There are several reasons why your Scout group needs to consider its own insurance cover, such as:

Risk Assessment only goes so far.

If you carry out thorough and regular risk assessments and take action to minimise risks, why should there be a need for insurance cover at all?
Insurance is no substitute for risk management.  However, in many cases risk management can only minimise the possibility of an accident, loss or damage, not eliminate it completely.  
There are some things that are outside the control of a Scout group. Insurance can mitigate those risks you cannot completely control or remove.

The Scout Association’s insurance policies don't cover everything.

Whilst The Scout Association provides cover for Personal Accident and Medical Expenses for Members, Public Liability (including property owners' and product liability) and Trustees Indemnity, there are still some things groups need to insure themselves.
The things your group owns, such as buildings, equipment, money , minibuses and other motor vehicles  are not covered under these policies. Nor are the costs involved in events  and trips  you organise. You will have to arrange your own insurance for these.

How would your Scout group cope, if it suffered a major loss through no fault of its own?

A lot of time and effort goes into fund raising to buy the buildings and equipment your group owns.  If they were lost, damaged or stolen, you would pay for their replacements.  For losses such as your Scout building or all your camping equipment being destroyed, you may not have readily available funds to replace them.
Insurance can safeguard you and your property against the risk of loss, damage or theft.

Some types of insurance cover are required by law.

Motor insurance and employers’ liability are a legal requirement. 

  • If your group owns any motor vehicles, such as a minibus, which is driven on public roads, you must have motor insurance . 
  • If your group employs anybody, you must have Employers’ Liability Insurance  for people you employ.

We offer motor insurance for your minibus, karts, quad bikes and other vehicles your group owns and employers' liability cover, to help you meet your legal requirements.

Suitable insurance is a POR requirement.

Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) Chapter 8  covers insurance. It states that every Scout group must maintain adequate insurance cover, to be reviewed annually.

"We have been with Unity for a number of years. We are more than satisfied with the service."

3rd Havering Scout Group

Our other services we provide to Scouting

As well as arranging policies and paying claims, did you know we support the Scouts in other ways?

Checking indemnity agreements and issuing Public Liability Certificates

If you use a facility, such as a building or outdoor space, belonging to another organisation or individual, you may need to sign an agreement or indemnity and provide proof of public liability insurance. We’ll check any agreement being signed with you and provide the necessary insurance certificates as proof of Public Liability cover.

Liability support and witness statements

We not only arrange the liability covers for the movement, but should a liability claim be made, we provide you with support and advice. We’re also able to help, if you are asked to provide a witness statement relating to your Scout group.

All our profits are returned to Scouting

We return all our profits to the Scouts to help invest in its future development. We’re unique in this, and this sets us apart from other insurance organisations.

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Why does a Scout group need insurance?

If a Scout group suffered a serious loss such as major damage to its buildings or equipment, which wasn’t insured, it would have to cover the loss from its own funds.
Suitable insurance is a POR requirement, and some types of insurance are required by law.

What insurance must a Scout group have?

By law if a Scout group owns a minibus or other motor vehicles or has employees, it must insure them.
If it owns a building, boats a large amount of equipment, or arranges travel, POR states it must have adequate insurance.

As a group, what are we covered for by The Scout Association?

The Scout Association provides protection for liability claims made against groups (under its Public Liability Policy).
The Association also provides Property Owners Liability Cover for all Scout owned buildings and Trustee Indemnity Insurance for all Scout management committees and trustees.

As a Member, what am I covered for by The Scout Association?

The Scout Association provides protection for its Members while participating in a Scouting activity for: Liability claims made against Members (under its Public Liability Policy); and Medical expenses that are a result of an accident on a Scouting activity (under its Personal Accident and Medical Expenses policy).
If you are a trustee on the management committees of a Scout group, you are covered by Trustee’s Indemnity Insurance.

Do we need event or travel cover for an international, county or district Scout camp?

It depends on whether you’re organising the event or simply attending it.
If you're the event organiser, you should consider event cancellation and abandonment cover
If you are an attendee, you should consider UK or overseas travel insurance

In both cases you may need Property and Equipment cover for your group’s equipment or items you hire or borrow.