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Property and Equipment Insurance for Scouts

Buildings insurance for your Scout hut from £244

Buildings insurance for your Scout hut

Scout Equipment insurance from £104

Equipment insurance

Insure your Scout Hut & Buildings

Insure your Scout Hut & Buildings

Insurance cover for your Scout hut, buildings, equipment and money

Property insurance includes buildings on your property and covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing buildings. Most Scout groups will own contents and equipment, some of which could be costly to replace. Contents or All Risks insurance covers the cost of replacing equipment that has been stolen, lost or damaged. 

Our Scout Property and Equipment policy

Our Scout Property and Equipment policy is designed for Scouting to provide a flexible package to suit your individual needs. 

What can be covered?

The buildings, contents and equipment owned by your Group for a range of risks such as fire, theft, water damage from burst pipes or flooding, falling trees, storms (including storm damage to tents) and subsidence.

Under our policy, you can insure:

  • Your Scout hut and other buildings
  • Its contents, which are part of your Scout hut, for example fridges, freezers, cookers, tables and chairs
  • Camping and other equipment in use, in transit to and from camp, as well as in storage
  • Loaned equipment you may use
  • Other people’s equipment when you hire or borrow it
  • The group’s money held by officials
  • Loss of income, if you rent out your building or equipment
  • Trailers
  • Personal belongings of your members at Scouting events.
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Special features of our Scout Property and Equipment policy

Your Group’s equipment is covered during use at camp, in transit to and from camp, as well as in storage.

Don’t get caught under-insured, we’ll provide you with a FREE buildings estimation.

We have delegated authority to settle many claims in house, helping speed up getting your claims resolved.

Free Insurance for events and equipment

You can extend your annual policy to include up to 15 days of cover (per event) for:

event cancellation and abandonment for any Scout events in the UK; and/or

equipment you may use, hire or borrow

Each option up to a set maximum sum is insured during the event period *free of charge.

*Subject to Scout Property and Equipment Small Event Insurance Endorsement terms, clauses, conditions, exclusions and warranties.

Cover is easy to arrange online by clicking here.

Then enter your annual Scout Property and Equipment policy number, (shown on your annual schedule of cover); and answer a few straightforward questions about your event and/or the equipment to be insured.


Getting the right property and equipment insurance for your Scout group


Insurance for your Scout hut and other buildings

If your Scout Group owns a building, it is important to insure it, as this may be your most valuable asset. If it was damaged through flood, fire or other causes it could be a major financial loss to you. 
If you have a mortgage on the property holding suitable insurance will be mandatory under the terms of the mortgage. Even if you rent or borrow the premises for your Cub pack and Scout troop meetings, you should check with the landlord on the insurance arrangements as in some cases you may be responsible for insuring it. 

What Scout buildings can Unity insure?

Whether your Scout building is a traditional Scout hut, or a garden shed next to the church hall or shipping container, where you store your equipment, or be a multifunction activity centre, we can arrange an insurance policy which recognises the particular building you have.

Our Scout Buildings insurance cover

Our buildings insurance provides unique levels of protection for buildings owned by Scout groups. Our basic cover includes loss or damage by fire, break-in, storm and vandals, with low excesses and few restrictions.

Just look at these valuable extra protection benefits:

  • Cover applies even when you hire out the building to others
  • Impact damage caused by any external moving object
  • Water damage due to burst pipes, water tanks or equipment
  • Damage due to escape of heating fuel oil
  • Accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fittings
  • Accidental damage to underground services (pipes, sewers, cables)
  • Loss of metered water
  • Loss of rent payable or receivable, if you have to rent alterative premises for your weekly Cub pack and Scout troop meetings
  • Cover includes legal expenses resulting from disputes relating to your property.
  • Optional extensions may be available for additional perils such as flood or subsidence.

It doesn’t stop there. Limited cover can also apply to any boundary walls, gates and fences associated with your building.

Should the unthinkable happen and your Scout hut or building could not be repaired, under our Scout Property and Equipment the costs of clearing the site, employing architects, surveyors and associated legal fees would also be met.



Things to consider when insuring your Scout hut 

How much should we insure our Scout hut for?

You should insure your building for the full cost of rebuilding it.  This is not its market value.  Otherwise you could be left with a shortfall if you need to make a claim.
Help is at hand, we are partnered with IAS Chartered Loss Adjusters  to provide an indication of rebuilding cost free of charge for anyone taking out the Scout Property & Equipment policy with us. The cost of arranging this type of estimation service yourself could cost your group several hundred pounds.

Vandalism and Malicious Damage

From our experience Scout huts left unoccupied can be a target for vandalism especially over the holidays or those buildings in remote locations.
There are some simple steps you can take to reduce the risks, such as making sure the hut is locked, alarms set and equipment is locked away out of sight.
During the holidays, regular inspections and visits should be made to check on security as well as keeping the building and grounds maintained. This may be a condition of your insurance policy.

You should check that your buildings insurance includes vandalism and malicious damage cover, if your Scout building is often left unoccupied or is in a remote location.
If you insure your building under our Scout Property and Equipment policy, you will be covered for loss or damage to your building caused by vandalism, riot, civil commotion or malicious intent as standard. 

Hiring out your Scout hut

Many Groups hire out their buildings, as a source of fundraising. In principle and practice, this may be a good idea as it can generate significant financial returns as well as improving security. An occupied building is less prone to vandalism.

Your potential liability as property owner is covered under the existing Association’s Liability Policy. 
You will need to check with your property insurer that such use is not excluded under your buildings policy 

If you insure your building under Our Scout Property and Equipment policy, your cover will not be affected if you hire out your building.
However, you should make potential users aware that they too have responsibilities.  Any equipment brought onto your premises by, say, a playgroup, would remain their property and responsibility. If such equipment were faulty and subsequently caused injury to a Scout, the Scout’s parent could sue the playgroup.
For regular users of your premises, particularly other organisations, it is advisable to have a formal written agreement. This need not be complicated and the Legal Department at Gilwell Park can provide model forms.

Remember your property damage policy will almost certainly carry an excess.  Therefore anyone using your group’s ‘home’ should be prepared to paying for minor damage they may cause

Contents and equipment insurance

Under our Scout Property and Equipment Policy, we provide flexibility for insuring your group’s equipment, contents and trailers, as well as items you may hire or borrow and be responsible for.

Contents and/or Equipment Cover

Our Contents and/or Equipment Cover can provide a very cost effective way of insuring contents and equipment

  • Camping equipment is covered 
    • in use within the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
    • for loss or damage whilst in transit
    • for both theft and storm damage and whilst left unattended at camp;
  • ’New for old‘ cover (except for trailers);
  • Accidental damage cover to the contents within the premises; and
  • Cost of replacing locks following the loss of keys.

All Risks Cover for your Scout group’s equipment

Our All Risks Cover offers broader and even more flexible options, with a range of further options which include:

  • Cover for audio visual, computer and specialised equipment;
  • European cover on all equipment;
  • Cover for equipment loaned out to other Scout groups or Girlguiding units;
  • We provide options for covering items hired or loaned out to schools, youth clubs etc.

Our flexibility means that you can mix and match the contents and/or equipment cover and the all risks cover to suit your group’s individual needs.


Many Scout Groups now use trailers as transport, both for camps and activities and for such mundane tasks as jumble collection.  Trailers have a very high value on the second hand market and, as such, are attractive to thieves.

Unity’s trailer insurance provides cover for physical loss of or damage to your group’s trailer.  Optional cover is available if you loan your trailer to other groups. Short period cover is also available if you hire a trailer for camps.

'Unity know Scouting and that gives Leaders comfort that our activities are supported by an insurance broker who knows what we are doing for young people.'

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With many Scouting events being held at weekends, it may be several days before you are able to bank the group’s funds. Are there any tips for handling of money, accurate records i.e would they just estimate how much was stolen? Are charities moving away from cash handling?

Our money cover includes such features as:

  • Loss of money whilst unattended;
  • Loss of Scout funds from private addresses and while being taken to the bank;
  • Damage to clothing of any official resulting from theft or attempted theft; and
  • Loss of or damage to any safe containing money, caused by thieves.

Reduce the risks when carrying cash

There are a few common sense precautions you should take, when handling your Scout Group’s money to help keep it safe.

  • Do not leave money unattended.
  • Bank it at the first opportunity.
  • If it is a large amount of cash, such as takings from a fund raising event, then split the money between a few people.
  • Don’t discuss you are carrying cash, as you may be overheard by potential thieves
  • If you are carrying cash, don’t walk home alone; go with a colleague, as there is safety in numbers.

Loss of income

You can protect your Scout unit's income by taking out loss of revenue insurance. This cover repays you for the loss of income, as a result of your Scout buildings or contents being damaged.

Personal belongings of your members, while on Scouting activities

Whilst many homeowner insurances will cover certain items carried by family members, there are usually limitations. Typically, cover will exclude items whilst unattended. So, personal items left in tents whilst at camp would not be insured under a home insurance policy. 

We offer an option to cover clothing, baggage, sports equipment, musical instruments and other similar items belonging to all members of the Scout group, whilst attending Scouting activities, including weekly meetings and camps.


With few exceptions, cover is based on replacement or repair of the lost or damaged item to a condition equal to, but not better than, its condition when new. In many cases, insurers will source and arrange for delivery of a replacement for the lost goods, at their expense, saving you the bother of getting quotes and arranging for purchase.

We have delegated authority to handle and settle many claims in-house. So you will have peace of mind that they will be handled quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss by people who understand Scouting and have your interests at heart.

Specialist insurance for other items your Scout group may own

Some items that your group may own will need specialist policies,such as:

Access to other suitable policies

In the unlikely circumstances that our Scout Property and Equipment policy does not meet the needs of your Scout group, we do have access to other charity and general insurers and products.


What does Scout buildings insurance cover?

Our Scout Property and Equipment policy cover includes loss or damage by fire, break-in, storm and vandals, water damage due to burst pipes or water tanks.

It can also include loss of rent payable or receivable, while the building cannot be used, as well as damage caused flooding and subsidence. Cover includes legal expenses incurred as a result of disputes relating to the property. With our Scout Property and Equipment policy, cover applies even when a group hires out its building to others.
(If a group arranges other buildings insurance, it will need to check with its property insurer whether these are excluded under its policy.)

Does hiring out a Scout group’s building to raise money affect its insurance?

Not if a group insures through our Scout Property and Equipment policy. Its cover will not be affected by hiring out its building.
(Otherwise, it will need to check with its property insurer whether hiring it out is excluded under its policy.) 

A Scout group leases third party premises and property for weekly meetings and activities. Is it OK to sign the lease agreements or liability indemnity agreements or should somebody else look at them first?

Any lease or liability indemnity agreement should  be sent to Unity before signing them. Unity will read each one and advise whether it is acceptable to the Association’s insurers. If the agreement is not acceptable, Unity will advise you on how to overcome the problem as well as provide wording that should be acceptable to both parties.

Are a Scout group’s tents and camping equipment covered at camp?

Yes, under our Scout Property and Equipment policy they’re covered at camp and in transit to and from camp. 
(For other policies, a group would need to check the exclusions in its policy wording.)

Is a Scout group’s equipment covered, if it lends it to another Scout or Guide group or organisation?

We can arrange cover under our Scout Property and Equipment policy for equipment while lent to another organisation. 
(For other policies, a group would need to check the exclusions in its policy wording.)

Does a Scout group need insurance for equipment it borrows from another Scout or Guide group?

Check with the group that owns it.  If they’re covered under our Scout Property and Equipment policy, it may already be covered for use by other Scout group. 
Otherwise yes it does, as a group may need to pay for the replacement if it is lost, damaged or stolen, while it is borrowing it.  We can arrange cover under our Scout Property and Equipment policy for equipment borrowed or hired. 

Does a Scout group need insurance for equipment it borrows or hires from other organisations or companies?

Yes it does, as it may need to pay for the replacement if it is lost, damaged or stolen, while you are borrowing it.  We can arrange cover under our Scout Property and Equipment policy for equipment borrowed or hired. 

If a Scout group rents its meeting place (such as a school or church hall) and store its equipment in your landlord’s premises, is its equipment already insured?

Don’t assume that the landlord’s contents insurance covers the things that a group owns. It’s the group’s responsibility to insure its equipment.

Are my personal possessions covered while I am on a Scouting activity?

No. The Scout Association has no legal interest in your personal possessions and therefore cannot insure them against loss or damage.
They should be insured either under your household insurance or Unity can help by providing separate cover under the “Personal Effects” section of the Property and Equipment Insurance Scheme.
If you are travelling abroad you should ensure that your travel insurance policy has suitable limits of cover for all personal possessions you intend to take with you.