Scouts Property and Equipment insurance

Property and Equipment Insurance for Scouts

Insurance cover for your Scout buildings, equipment and money

Property insurance includes buildings on your property and covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing buildings. Most Groups will own contents and equipment, some of which could be costly to replace. Contents or All Risks insurance covers the cost of replacing equipment that has been stolen, lost or damaged. Our Scout Property and Equipment policy Our Scout Property and Equipment Policy is designed for Scouting to provide a flexible package to suit your individual needs.

Special features of our Scout Property and Equipment policy

Your Group’s equipment is covered during use at camp, in transit to and from camp, as well as in storage.

Don’t get caught under-insured, we’ll provide you with a FREE buildings estimation.

We give a no claims discount.

We have delegated authority to settle many claims in house, helping speed up getting your claims resolved.

Free* Insurance for events and equipment

You can extend your annual policy to include up to 15 days of cover (per event) for:

event cancellation and abandonment for any Scout events in the UK; and/or

equipment you may use, hire or borrow

Each option up to a set maximum sum is insured during the event period *free of charge.

*Subject to Scout Property and Equipment Small Event Insurance Endorsement terms, clauses, conditions, exclusions and warranties.

Cover is easy to arrange online by clicking here.

Then enter your annual Scout Property and Equipment policy number, (shown on your annual schedule of cover); and answer a few straightforward questions about your event and/or the equipment to be insured.

What can be covered?

The buildings, contents and equipment owned by your Group for a range of risks such as fire, theft, water damage from burst pipes or flooding, falling trees, storms (including storm damage to tents) and subsidence.

Under our policy, you can insure:

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Equipment in use, in transit to and from camp, as well as in storage
  • Loaned equipment you may use
  • Other people’s equipment when you hire or borrow it
  • Money held by officials
  • Loss of income, if you rent out your building or equipment
  • Trailers
  • Personal effects of your members
  • Your members’ no claims bonus for their own vehicles

'Unity know Scouting and that gives Leaders comfort that our activities are supported by an insurance broker who knows what we are doing for young people.'

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Call our team to get a quote


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