Business Interruption insurance for charities

Business Interruption insurance for charities

How long would it take to replace your charity's building, if it were damaged?

Whilst building insurance will pay to restore your building, this rebuilding can take time.  As part of your Business Continuity Planning, you may need to consider adding Business Interruption Cover to provide wider protection to your standard building cover.  This would help cover the shortfall in income and pay any increased running costs, while you get your building back up and running.

Business interruption insurance

What’s covered?* 

Business interruption cover can protect your charity, when it cannot continue its business activities because the premises has been badly affected due to an incident such as flooding, fire and other incidents rendering the premises unsuitable or unsafe for use.

If you are unable to use your charity’s buildings, a Business interruption insurance can cover 

  • loss of rental income received or payable, 
  • loss of general income, 
  • increased costs of working, such as hiring alternative premises.
  • loss of gross profit (for Community Interest Companies).

This could be a loss or damage to your charity’s property or the denial of access to the property.

* subject to policy terms and conditions 

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What is business interruption insurance?

A business interruption insurance looks to provide cover for the income or gross profit of an organisation following loss or damage to insured property. 

For non-profit organisations cover can be arranged on an ‘additional cost of working only’ basis.  Under this only the extra costs of continuing to operate after a fire or other insured event are insured.  For example, this could include setting up temporary alternative premises.

Does a charity need business interruption insurance?

Any organisation which is a trading entity that is looking for business continuity should consider this cover. 

Additional cost of working only cover is suitable if a charity’s main concern is to continue functioning after its building is damaged and unavailable. 

What is covered under a charity business interruption insurance policy?

A charity's business interruption insurance policy can cover loss of gross profit, loss of rental income received or payable, loss of general income or increased costs of working following a loss at a property or the denial of access to a property following an insured event.