Trustees Indemnity insurance

Trustees Indemnity insurance for charities

Trustees Indemnity Insurance

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Your trustees could be personally liable to make good your charity’s losses. As trustees and board members act collectively, they could be collectively responsible for meeting this liability.

What’s covered under trustees indemnity insurance?

  • Trustees, from having to personally pay legal claims made against them for a breach of trust or duty
  • Protection for your charity against corporate liabilities arising from claims due to a breach of duties by a trustee or senior management
  • Legal and defence costs, awards and settlements

Here are some examples of what can be covered under a Trustees Indemnity policy.

Alleged defamation

Following publication of an article, the charity trustees were sued for defamation by another charity with similar objectives. The claimant stated that certain statements made in the article were untrue and gave a false representation of the charity.

Claim for alleged trespass

A neighbouring landowner to the charity claimed that recent construction carried out by the charity infringed on their property. The charity claimed their documents showed that the previous owner passed the land over to them, whereas the claimant argued that the land never legally belonged to the previous owner. Trustees were responsible for damages and for restoring the land to its former condition

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