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At Unity Insurance Services, we're in the game of providing personalised insurance cover for sports and social charities. We understand that your organisation plays a key role in the community. We're here to ensure you're protected against life's curveballs.

What We Offer:

Insurance Solutions for You: Your sports and social charities are as unique as the people within your community. Let's have a chat, and our team will craft an insurance plan that suits your specific needs – whether it's cover for your facility, equipment, events, or anything else that makes your organisation tick.

Liability Exposure: Beyond assets, we cater for liability risks. Public Liability, Employers Liability, Trustee Indemnity – we've got the playbook to protect your activities, volunteers, and team members, ensuring your organisation stays in the game without worrying about legal or financial setbacks.

Join the Unity Community: Choosing Unity is more than insurance; it's about making a positive impact. As a charity owned by the Scouts Association, all of Unity’s profit goes directly to supporting young people, empowering them with skills for life. By partnering with Unity, you're not just insuring your organisation; you're contributing to a cause that extends beyond the playing field. Through insurance everyone is a winner, you receive the first class insurance whilst supporting charity.

Ready to Score?

Reach out to us at 03330 917 010 today for a quote or a friendly chat about how we can safeguard your sports and social charities. With Unity Insurance Services, it's more than insurance; it's about being part of a team that's all about making a positive difference in all communities.

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