Girlguiding insurance

Girlguiding insurance

Insurance Partner for Girlguiding

Appointed by Girlguiding to look after your guiding insurance needs

Having the right insurance is an important part of safe guiding. We use our knowledge, expertise and capability to support your Guide Unit and your insurance requirements. This, coupled with our flexible and empathetic approach, makes it easy for you to work with us.

What makes Unity different?

As well as arranging tailored insurance cover at competitive premiums:

  • We’re appointed by Girlguiding
  • You get a personal service from our dedicated team of experienced Account Handlers.
  • We work only with like-minded insurers who share our commitment and understanding of Girlguiding issues.
  • If you need to make a claim on our Girlguiding Property and Equipment or Event insurance policies, we help you through the process, getting you reimbursed as quickly as possible.
  • We return a percentage of income from our specialist guiding policies to Girlguiding.


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Why your Guide Unit may need insurance

There are several reasons why your Guide unit needs to consider its own insurance cover: 

The Girlguiding’s insurance policies do not cover everything.

The things your group owns, such as buildings, equipment, money, minibuses and other motor vehicles are not covered under these policies. Nor are the costs involved in events and trips you organise. You will have to arrange your own insurance for these.

Covering the costs of replacing lost or damaged property

If the buildings and equipment your unit owns were lost, damaged or stolen, you would pay for their replacements.  For losses such as your Guide building or all your camping equipment being destroyed, you may not have readily available funds to replace them.  Insurance can safeguard you and your property against the risk of loss, damage or theft.

Some types of insurance cover are required by law.

Both motor insurance and employers’ liability are a legal requirement. Fortunately you already have Employers’ Liability Insurance for people you employ under the Girlguiding policy. However, if your unit owns any motor vehicles, such as a minibus, which is driven on public roads, you must have motor insurance

What our customers say matters...

'I know it's a relatively small amount, but I must say how refreshing it is to have a relatively straightforward claim process, a swift response and no quibbles from Unity/ the underwriter.'

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What insurance cover your Guide Unit may need to consider

As a partner of Girlguiding, we offer a range of useful cover you’re guide unit may need:

Do you own or hire a minibus of other motor vehicle?

Some cover is required by law. If your guide unit owns, loans or rents vehicles, you must have motor insurance.

Do you own a building?

If a serious disaster strikes and your guide hut is damaged or destroyed, the right building and contents insurance policy can help pick up the bill for building repairs and replacing damaged contents.

Do you own equipment, such as tents, camping gear or watercraft?

If your equipment were damaged, lost or stolen, a suitable equipment insurance policy can help with the cost of replacing them.

Do you organise events?

If you’re planning and running an event, such as a fundraising activity, an event insurance policy can provide reimbursement for the loss of expenses if you event has to be cancelled or abandoned.  

Are you planning an overseas trip or camp in the UK with your brownies or guides?

If you’re organising a trip, you should have a group travel policy which covers travel disruptions before you go and on the way back, your trip being cancelled or cut short, someone losing their baggage or a personal belonging being damaged or stolen or medical expenses if someone has an accident or illness.

"Have always had positive experiences when dealing with Unity. "

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Other insurance cover Girlguiding arranges

Girlguiding do provide some insurance protection for your Guide Unit, which includes: 

Details of these insurance policies, can be found on the Girlguiding website.