Event insurance for charities

Event insurance for charities

Bespoke insurance for your event

Bespoke insurance for your event

Insurance cover for charity events

Why you need insurance for your charity's events

We’re well aware that many charity events involve considerable planning and financial outlay. One area that shouldn’t be overlooked is the need for insurance.

Event insurance can cover your organisation if your event cannot take place.  For example, some of your outgoings might be recoverable if the event doesn’t go ahead, but much of it would not. Cancellation policies are essential to preventing serious financial consequences in case of the event’s cancellation.

It can also cover risks during your event.  What else could possibly go wrong? Slips, trips, falling equipment, electrocution. You name it, we’ve probably seen a claim for it. Instead of a healthy return on the event, you could be facing a financial loss.

Examples of charity events, we can cover:

  • Fundraising events
  • Fetes and family days
  • Barbecues, garden parties
  • Jumble sales, bazaars, bring and buy sales, car boot sales
  • Fun runs, sponsored walks
  • Shows, concerts, dances



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What insurance do you need if you organise charity events?

What can be included*?

Cancellation and Abandonment Cover

Cancellation and Abandonment cover offers the perfect safety net to protect your organisation if your event is cancelled or abandoned for circumstances beyond your control. It provides reimbursement for the loss of expenses directly resulting from the cancellation or abandonment of your event or events. The cancellation or abandonment must be beyond your control.

The expenses that could be covered include:

  • Payments for publicity;
  • Hire of marquees and other equipment;
  • Purchase of perishable goods such as foodstuffs;
  • Venue hire;
  • Printing costs for tickets; and
  • Re-location or re-arrangement of the cancelled event.

The reasons for the cancellation or abandonment covered could be:

  • Event site not being available
  • Severe weather
  • Strikes and industrial action
  • Fires

For Cancellation and Abandonment, the cover must be requested at least 14 days before the beginning of the event.

* subject to policy terms and conditions 

What our clients say matters...

'It was an absolute pleasure working with you. It is rare to find a broker so thoroughly involved in a claim but also help things run smoothly between all parties concerned. You made what was a horribly complex and sensitive claim much easier to settle.'

Major Loss Cosultant, Aviva

Other insurance cover you may need to consider for your events


The purpose of many charity events is to raise vital funds for your organisation. This may be through donations in collecting tins or alternatively the sale of goods. 

We can arrange insurance cover for your charity’s cash at events, whether its takings or the float at a stall or money in collection buckets. Money cover for events usually includes cash and cheques on authorised persons, such as in money belts, or in safes and cash boxes as well as in transit to the bank.

Your liabilities

Public and products liability cover can protect your charity against liability for injury to the public or damage to their property including liability from the sale or supply of goods whilst at an event. 

If you’re using land, buildings or other facilities owned by a third party, you are likely to have to show evidence of your public liability cover.

Equipment you own, hire or borrow

We can arrange all risks insurance for equipment you own  that you use at your events.
You may need short period equipment insurance cover for equipment you borrow or hire for your event. This could be items such as sound and stage equipment.  Check with the owner whether their insurance covers the item while you are using it or responsible for its use.

You may need to consider covering items you borrow or hire when they are in storage while in your possession, being taken to and from the event, and at event.  If not, a claim may not be paid for physical loss or damage to equipment you hire or borrow for the event.

Motor vehicles you hire or borrow

By law, you must have motor insurance for vehicles you own.

For your event may need to hire in specialist vehicles, such as tractors and trailers for transporting equipment, rubbish or water.  You may also have to hire vans or minibuses to help transport equipment, goods or people.  You will need insurance for these vehicles too. 

Accidents to employees and volunteers

Personal Accident cover can be arranged for injury to employees and volunteers arising from accidents while working in connection with your event.

If you employ staff at your event, remember it is a legal requirement to have Employers’ Liability insurance, which we can arrange.

One off event or multiple event cover

If your charity arranges several events throughout the year, we can arrange a policy to cover multiple events. This option could save you money and time arranging separate policies.

'I have read the documents and everything seems to be great. I really appreciate what you have done for me and I will recommend your company for future events and to other Air Training Corps Squadrons that annual camps, athletic meets etc. utilise minibuses to transport cadets to events such as airshows.'

1130 Wrekin Squadron Air Training Corps