Public Liability insurance for charities

Public Liability insurance for charities

Does your charity interact with the public?

Defending a claim can be stressful and expensive, even if you’re found not to be at fault.

As a charity, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered for compensation claims by third parties following fault or negligence of your employees, volunteers or trustees no matter how minor or genuine the mistake.

Public Liability Insurance

What’s covered under a Public Liability policy?

Public Liability Insurance will cover the cost of compensation to third parties for death, injury or damage to property caused by the negligence of your staff, volunteers or members. It also provides cover for the cost of defending claims.

As a safeguard, the policy allows you to continue your normal operations while dealing with real or fraudulent claims of negligence or wrongdoing.

Property Owners' Liability

A Public Liability policy can also cover the property owner’s liability which rests upon any organisation which owns, or is responsible for the upkeep of land or buildings.* 
For example if a member of the public trips over at your premises and breaks an arm alleging your charity was negligent you could be covered to defend and meet the claim.

Product Liability

This policy can also cover the Products Liability which covers your liability for products you make available to the public.
For example, if you are holding a BBQ and serving food or drinks to members of the public you could be held liable if the sausages or chicken are not quite cooked through resulting in illness. You can be covered by the Products Liability section of a Public Liability Policy.*

* subject to policy terms and conditions 

Does a charity have to have Public Liability insurance?

While Public Liability insurance is not a legal requirement, we recommend every organisation has this cover.

Many situations require you to have Public Liability insurance, such as to qualify for grants, funding or where you’re providing public services. It’s often a requirement, if you lease, hire or use other premises for your charity work.


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