Public Liability insurance for charities

Public Liability insurance for charities

At Unity, we recognise the role your charity fulfils in our community. We're here to offer you peace of mind with our Public Liability Insurance.

Why Your Charity Needs Public Liability Insurance

Is your charity in contact with the public? Running a charity is about making a positive impact, but it also means facing potential claims, big and small. Whether its accidents on your premises or claims arising from your activities or events, it's key to protect your organisation from financial exposure in case someone alleges negligence resulting in injury or harm.

Our Public Liability Insurance includes:

·       Compensation for third parties, covering situations like death, injury, or property damage caused by the negligence of your staff, volunteers, or trustees.

·       Legal fees when defending claims.

·       Protection against claims from individuals interacting with your charity, such as visitors, customers, clients, and event attendees.

Please be aware that this insurance doesn't cover claims by employees or temporary staff; you'll need Employers’ Liability insurance for that.

Property Owners' Liability is Included

If your charity owns or manages land or buildings, there's a potential for claims on your premises. Unity's Public Liability policy includes Property Owners' Liability cover, offering legal protection against such claims.

Is Public Liability Insurance Necessary?

Even though it's not a legal requirement, we strongly advise that every organisation, holds Public Liability insurance. It provides essential protection against claims.

Determining the Right Level of Liability

There's no fixed minimum coverage requirement, but as insurance specialists, Unity can assist you in determining the appropriate level of coverage. This conversation is important because in cases where a claim exceeds your policy's limit, trustees may become personally liable for the shortfall.

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Additional Liability Insurance Options

Depending on your charity's activities, you might need supplementary liability coverage:

  • Protecting Personal Data: If your charity handles personal information, consider Cyber Liability Insurance to safeguard against security breaches and data loss.
  • Providing Advice and Training: Professional Indemnity Cover can protect you in the event of claims of financial loss due to incorrect advice.
  • Protecting Your Staff and Volunteers: Employer's Liability Insurance is legally required to cover injuries or illnesses sustained whilst in the workplace.
  • Protecting Your Trustees and Directors: Trustees Indemnity Insurance safeguards key decision-makers if their actions result in losses for the charity.

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