Buildings and contents insurance for charities

Buildings and contents insurance for charities

What would happen if your charity building was damaged or your property stolen?

Buildings and Contents Insurance can cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your premises, or replacing your stock or equipment. There are two main sections you may need to think about: of property insurance:

  1. Buildings insurance: this covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your charity’s premises if damaged or destroyed.
  1. Contents insurance: this covers the cost of replacing your charity’s equipment, furniture or stock, if it’s damaged or stolen. It can cover your items both at your premises and away from your premises.


Who might need building insurance?

Charities that are freehold owners of a building should insure the building for its full reinstatement value.

If the charity is a lessee of the property, the terms of the lease should be reviewed to determine who is responsible for insuring the building—the charity or the landlord. If you rent your premises, buildings insurance is your landlord's responsibility. However, you might consider taking out contents insurance to protect your stock and equipment.


What’s covered*?

Buildings and contents insurance can cover the buildings and contents owned by the charity for the range of risks such as

  • fire,
  • theft,
  • water damage from burst pipes or flooding,
  • falling trees,
  • storms,
  • subsidence,
  • terrorism.

* subject to policy terms and conditions 


Other considerations

Computer equipment, electronic and high value equipment will need to be disclosed to insurers.  We can also arrange more specialist computer cover if you need it.

Theft cover for property carried in a vehicle or away from the charity’s premises might be excluded but if it is covered, will be subject to policy restrictions.

You may need Short Period Insurance cover for equipment you might borrow or hire.

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