Personal Accident Insurance for Charities

Personal Accident Insurance for Charities

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Group personal accident policies can be purchased by employers as a benefit for employees and their dependents. They can also be purchased to protect against the financial effects of losing the services of an employee.

What’s covered?

An insured employee injured or killed in an accident, regardless of whether it happens at work.

Compensation typically occurs in the following ways:

  • Lump sums for death or specified injuries
  • Weekly benefits for temporary disablement that precludes the insured from working, typically for up to 104 weeks
  • An annuity or annual payment for permanent total disablement, temporary or permanent disablement through illness or loss of limbs, eyes, or death caused by accident or sickness of the insured - up to a maximum time period. There’s also provision to include a weekly benefit that is paid following defined accident or illness.

There’s often a policy excess, which can be a time period or sum of money.

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