Legal Expenses insurance for charities

Legal expenses insurance for charities

Would you like protection for legal disputes?

Legal Expenses insurance covers the cost of defending your charity against legal action in disputes with third parties such as suppliers, vendors and other organisations.
Insurance against the legal costs of claims brought against the firm.

Legal Expenses insurance

What is covered?*

Legal Expenses insurance can cover the defence costs in the following areas: 

  • employment disputes, including compensation awards,
  • property protection,
  • tax protection,
  • bodily injury, 
  • general legal defence..

These costs could include:

  • Fees and expenses for solicitors, barristers, accountants and expert witnesses
  • Court costs and opponents’ costs if you are ordered to pay them in a civil court. 

Legal Expenses insurance often provides advice and a legal helpline.

* subject to policy terms and conditions 

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