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Welcome to Unity Insurance Services, where we specialise in crafting personalised insurance cover for faith groups. We arrange Church insurance, Mosque insurance and Synagogue insurance recognising the significant role of your organisation within the community, and our mission is to ensure you're well-protected against life's uncertainties.

What We Offer:

Insurance Solutions for All: Your faith group is unique, and so are its needs. Our team at Unity Insurance Services is ready to engage with you to create a tailored insurance plan. Whether it's cover for your place of worship, equipment, vehicles, events, or any other aspect vital to your organisation, we've got you covered.

Liability Exposure: Beyond protecting assets, we understand the importance of addressing liability risks. We can cover Public Liability, Employers Liability, Trustee Indemnity, ensuring comprehensive protection for your activities, volunteers, and team members.

Join the Unity Community: Choosing Unity goes beyond insurance; it's about making a positive impact. As a charity owned by the Scouts Association, all of Unity’s profits directly support young people, empowering them with skills for life. By partnering with Unity, you're not just insuring your organisation; you're contributing to a cause that extends beyond your immediate community. Through insurance, everyone is a winner – you receive the protection you need while actively supporting the development of future leaders.

Why Choose Unity?

At Unity Insurance Services, we are values-driven at Unity Insurance Services. Our values are based on integrity, respect, care, belief, and cooperation.

Join forces with us to receive the protection your faith community deserves while also actively contributing to a cause that goes beyond insurance. Call us today 0333 0917 010

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