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At Unity, we understand the unique needs of Scouts embarking on exciting adventures, both within the UK and across international borders. Our Scout Travel Insurance has been created to provide comprehensive cover for a wide range of scenarios, ensuring peace of mind for Scout members and leaders alike.

Travel with confidence – Travel with Unity Insurance Services.

Key Features of the Unity Scout Travel Insurance Policy:

  1. All-Inclusive Cover for Recognised Scouting Activities: Unlike many other travel insurance policies, our cover extends to all recognised Scouting activities. Whether you're camping in the UK or exploring foreign landscapes, rest assured that you're protected.

  2. Adaptable to The Scout Association's Travel Decisions: If Scout’s HQ deems it unsuitable to travel to a specific area or country, and it's not an official travel ban by the UK Government, our Scout Travel Insurance ensures that Scout members are covered for trip cancellations.

Cover Highlights:

  1. Cancellation or Curtailment: Reimbursement for trip disruptions due to circumstances beyond your control.
  2. Missed Departure: Cover for unexpected delays causing missed departures.
  3. Supplementary Travel and Accommodation Expenses: Reimbursement for additional expenses incurred during travel.
  4. Personal Injury: Financial protection in case of personal injury during Scout activities.
  5. Hospital Stay Benefit: Additional support to ease the financial burden of hospital stays.
  6. Personal Belongings: Protection against loss or damage to personal belongings.
  7. Money and Credit Card Misuse: Cover for lost cash and unauthorised credit card usage.
  8. Delayed Baggage: Reimbursement for essential items in case of delayed baggage.

Special Cover for Overseas Trips:

  • Medical and Emergency Repatriation Expenses: Comprehensive cover for medical emergencies and repatriation.
  • Loss of Passport: Assistance in the event of passport loss.
  • Travel Delay: Compensation for delays affecting your travel plans.
  • Piste Closure and Mountain Rescue Plus: Tailored cover for skiing and mountain-related activities.

Optional COVID-19 Cover: Our Scout travel policy can be extended to include COVID-19 cover for an additional premium.

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Information for customers with pre-existing medical conditions

If you've faced issues getting travel insurance due to a medical condition – like being declined, having a policy cancelled, or facing high premiums talk to us and we will do our best to help you. Alternatively there is a 'Medical Cover Firm Directory,' a public list of organisations offering travel insurance for serious medical conditions. It simplifies your search, increasing the chances of finding a provider willing to cover your condition without exclusions and at a more affordable price. Take the stress out of insurance and make informed decisions with this handy directory

How to make a travel claim:

To make a travel claim, give us a call at the Unity claims team on 0345 040 7701.

If it's outside regular office hours, you can reach the insurer directly through Crisis 24 at 0208 865 3059. We're here to assist you whenever you need. Safe travels!

'Unity did a good job, and were less expensive than our previous broker, as well as giving us much greater cover.'

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When should a Scout group take out a travel insurance policy?

As soon as it starts paying deposits or flights and accommodation.  If the trip had to be cancelled this outlay would be covered.

Is a Scout group’s equipment covered under our Scout travel policy?

No, this is to avoid covering it twice if it is covered under the All Risks section of our Scout Property and Equipment policy.
We can cover while it is overseas under the All Risks section of an annual or short period Scout Property and Equipment policy.

What cover does a Scout group need to travel to or from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man?

Medical expenses in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are no longer covered under the NHS reciprocal health agreements, therefore we recommend our Overseas Travel Insurance Policy to include repatriation home.

The same would apply to Scout Groups based in the Isle of Man and Channel Islands travelling to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Does a Scout group need a group travel policy, if all the people travelling, including the young people, have their own travel insurance?

Yes, we recommend that a group take out specialist Scout travel insurance, as personal travel policies would not cover a non-family member, such as leader, staying on if a young person has to be hospitalised and couldn’t travel back with the rest of the party.  Also a group would be covered for all authorised Scouting activities, which a household policy may not cover.

Are we covered if our Scout trip is cancelled due to Covid?

Our travel policy can extend to COVID-19 cover for an additional premium.  
Please contact the Unity team on 0345 040 7703 for further information.

Does the Scout travel policy cover COVID-19?

The standard policy does provide an element of COVID-19 cover but there is an option to uplift the cover for an additional premium.  This will provide comprehensive cover for COVID-19. 

To travel, do travelers need to be vaccinated?

The Scout travel policy does not discriminate as to whether you’re vaccinated or not.  However, check where you are travelling for their rules of entry, this is separate to the insurance policy.

A young member tests positive for COVID-19 whilst on the trip, are they covered?

Yes, they would be covered for additional travel and accommodation expenses. In accordance with the Scouts’ safeguarding rules the supervising adults who would have to stay with the child will also be covered. 

An adult leader tests positive for COVID-19 whilst on the trip, are they covered?

An adult leader unfit to travel home with the rest of the group due to a positive case of COVID-19 would be covered for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

If an adult leader tests positive for COVID-19 before travelling, and the whole trip has to be cancelled, is the group covered for the cost of their trip?

Efforts need to be taken to ensure a contingency plan is in effect and an alternative leader can replace that individual. Also PCR proof or doctor’s letter is required to justify a positive COVID-19 result.

If the country we’re travelling to goes into a national lockdown prior to travel, is this covered under the COVID-19 extension?

No, in this case you would not be covered by the COVID-19 cover extension.

If our trip is within the UK and the UK goes into a lockdown due to COVID-19, would we still be covered under the COVID-19 cover?

No, in this case you would not be covered by the COVID-19 cover extension.

If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19, does cancellation cover apply?

No, the COVID-19 cancellation cover only applies for COVID-19 positive cases in people travelling, not for events.

If a person travelling is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, even though they haven’t tested positive, would they be covered under the COVID-19 cancellation cover.

Yes, if a qualified medical practitioner advised them against undertaking the trip. A letter the medical practitioner would have to be provided.

Do we need a list of all travellers to take out a travel policy?

Yes, we will need a list of travellers and their ages at the time you send your proposal form. 

Can we add more people to our travel policy at a later date?

Yes, additional people can be added to your Scout travel policy, but they cannot replace somebody already on the policy. An additional charge will be required.

How long before the trip can we take out a travel policy?

You can take out a Scout policy 18 months prior to the trip, but cancellation cover would only be valid 12 months from start of the trip.

If The Scout Association deemed it unsuitable for its members to travel to a certain country and it was not officially advised by the UK Government, would we be covered if we cancelled our trip?

Insurers would be guided by The Scout Association so if advice was given not to travel by The Scouts the policy would cover your cancellation.