Don’t just risk it, ask the experts
19 November 2019

Don’t just risk it, ask the experts

In these days of information overload and endless options, it can be extremely difficult to sift through the data to unearth any decisive details. Finding the right insurance for your charity or group is especially daunting because you must weigh up all the risks, costs and benefits involved. Fortunately, specialist charity insurance brokers are out there to help find you the best deal and ensure that all eventualities are covered.

Experience and expertise

One major benefit of an insurance broker is their breadth of knowledge in their specialist field. This means that, simply by getting to know your organisation and all the potential risks up front, they can identify and recommend the correct cover for your needs. Your broker then acts as an agent, presenting the risks to the insurer and negotiating the terms of the policy to ensure you get the best deal.

Your broker is also there to make the small print bigger. They must clarify if your policy comes with optional extras or exclusions, and spell out any specific conditions or warranties so you understand exactly what is being offered. A specialist broker will know what to look for among the finer points of the contract, so you don’t get any nasty surprises should you have to make a claim.

Specialist brokers know their corner of the insurance market inside out, so can pinpoint the perfect policy from the right insurer. They work with, not for, insurers so can freely advise you on the philosophy and financial strength of each company.

Customised cover

Charities often need bespoke insurance that might only be available through a broker. Comparison sites or direct enquiries are not the best way to identify essentials that are often excluded, such as income protection or public liability that covers historical claims. However, a specialist broker may have procured policies exclusively for certain types of charities, enabling them to find the best match for your specific needs.

More than insurance

Managing your charity’s risks is not just about insurance. It’s also about protecting its people, property and other valuable assets. Using their experience and expertise, your broker can help you identify, alleviate, and possibly even eliminate some risks.

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Should you need to make a claim, your broker can also help you through the process, from liaising with the loss adjusters to arranging temporary solutions or building work. This will save a lot of hassle and worry during what could be a very difficult time.

Getting it right

Choosing the best insurance broker for your charity simply requires a few careful considerations.

  1. Check they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and a member of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association.
  2. Ask about their experience with charities and any areas of specialisation.
  3. Check whether they are an independent broker who can arrange insurance from many different insurers, or a tied agent who must do business with one specific insurer.
  4. If your charity is part of a larger charity (such as a Scout Group being part of The Scout Association), find out whether they already have an agreement with a specific broker.
  5. Find a few testimonials.

Ask Unity

Don’t worry if you find insurance daunting. Our expert brokers take time to talk you through the jargon to help you, your staff, and your volunteers understand. We provide comparative quotes so you can easily compare with your existing policy. At Unity, we want to help your charity save money and get the best protection.