Insurance cover for your Xmas events
22 November 2023

Insurance cover for your Xmas events

Cancellation and Abandonment Cover

If you’re planning a Christmas Fete, Panto or other event for your group this year then we’re here to help your event have all the glitter and sparkle you need over the festive season. 

Here at Unity we’re aware that many Christmas events involve considerable financial outlay and whilst some of your outgoings might be recoverable if the event doesn’t go ahead, much of it may not.

Putting event insurance in place that can cover your organisation if your event cannot take place is essential to preventing serious financial consequences in case of the event’s cancellation.

It can also cover risks during your event. What could possibly go wrong? Slips, trips, and failing equipment? You name it, we’ve probably seen a claim for it! Instead of a healthy return on the event, you could be facing a financial loss as well as a disappointed group.

Cancellation and Abandonment Cover

Cancellation and Abandonment cover offers the perfect safety net to protect your organisation if your event is cancelled or abandoned for circumstances beyond your control. It provides reimbursement for the loss of expenses directly resulting from the cancellation or abandonment of your event or events. The cancellation or abandonment must be beyond your control.

The expenses that could be covered include:

  • Payments for publicity;
  • Hire of marquees and other equipment;
  • Purchase of perishable goods such as foodstuffs;
  • Venue hire;
  • Printing costs for tickets; and
  • Re-location or re-arrangement of the cancelled event.

For Cancellation and Abandonment, the cover must be requested at least 14 days before the beginning of the event.

Some of our insurance policies offer FREE event insurance. Call your Account Handler to see if you are eligible.

So for more advice and support, or to get a quick quote, call our team today on 0333 0917 019.