Clock and money in reference to insurance claims
14 August 2023

Prompt notification of your claim – when is the right time?

Claims can be upsetting and inconvenient.  As soon as an incident happens, it is beneficial for anyone involved to notify us as soon as you can. Once Unity is notified, your Claims Handler will work with you to help minimise the loss, provide advice, instruct loss adjusters if needed and ensure the process is smooth, moving forward to a swift settlement.

There are other benefits of reporting a claim quickly such as recalling exactly what happened.  As time passes our recollection of events can become hazy, which is not always helpful when claims need to be investigated.  

Here at Unity, we understand claims can be a stressful, in our experience, we find that the sooner we know of a problem, the quicker we can help to resolve it.

For property and equipment claims Unity handle in house, we aim to settle these claims within 30 days, making this troublesome time as easy as possible for you.

We have a claims record which we are very proud of!  Unity received the claim form and 2 hours later we had transferred settlement funds to the claimant’s bank account.

Working together we can build a good relationship and achieve great things.

For more information, please chat with our dedicated claims team today.