Safety and Security Guidelines for Your Property
24 October 2023

Safety and Security Guidelines for Your Property

At Unity, we're committed to offering our valued Unity Community advice and support as we all transition into the darker months. It's essential to keep specific considerations in mind to ensure security of your premises.

Security of Buildings and Contents:

In a world where vandalism, burglaries, and thefts can happen, taking steps to protect your property is a wise move. Insurance policies often have security conditions, and though they may not apply to every policy, its best practice to follow these security measures:

·       Operational Alarm Systems: Ensure that any installed alarm systems are fully functional and activated when your premises are unoccupied.

·       Limited Access to Security Codes: Restrict access to security codes to a select group of trusted individuals to enhance security.

·       Maintain Police Response: If your alarm system triggers a police response, make sure it's consistently maintained.

·       Regular Alarm System Maintenance: Alarm companies frequently conduct maintenance surveys. Keep records of these checks for organizational purposes.

·       Functional Locks: Ensure that all locks are in perfect working order, and keep a record of your keys.

·       Change Key Codes: If you use a key code system, periodically change the code, especially after any personnel changes.

·       CCTV System Maintenance: If you have a CCTV system, ensure it is functional and well-maintained to enhance security.

·       Smoke Alarm Check: Regularly inspect your smoke alarms to ensure they're in working order.

·       Secure Valuables: When your property is unoccupied, lock away valuable items out of sight to deter potential thieves.


Remember to keep a record of your checks and maintenance; this documentation is invaluable in the event of claim.

By adhering to these guidelines for your cooking appliances, you can significantly reduce risks and enhance the safety to your organisation. Unity is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your peace of mind. 

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