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21 February 2024

Unity Insurance Services Guide to Becoming a Trustee

Embarking on the journey of becoming a trustee for a charity is a noble endeavour, and it can be especially rewarding when armed with the right knowledge and tools. Trustees play a crucial role in the governance and strategic direction of a charity. As an Insurance Broker committed to supporting charitable causes, Unity Insurance Services are here to provide you with some key steps and considerations for your trustee journey:

Understand the Role: Familiarise yourself with the responsibilities and duties of a trustee. This includes understanding the legal and financial obligations associated with the role and personal accountability.

Identify Your Skills and Passion: Consider how your skills, expertise and interests can contribute to the charity's mission. Identify areas where you can add value, whether it's in finance, legal matters, marketing, or other relevant areas.

Research the Charity: Explore charities that align with your values and interests. Research their mission, goals, and past achievements. Understand the specific issues they address and their impact in the community.

Trustee Training: Many charities offer trustee training sessions to help you understand your role better. This training may cover legal responsibilities, governance practices, and specific details about the charity's operations.

Build Relationships through the Charity: Attend events, engage with the charity's staff and existing trustees. Building a strong relationship with the organisation can enhance your understanding of their work. Understand the organisation and operation before you commit. Plus getting to know new and other like-minded people is fun.

Apply and Interview:  Submit your application to become a trustee. If shortlisted, be prepared for an interview. Showcase your passion, skills, and commitment to the charity's cause during the interview process. 

Legal Obligations and Governance: Once appointed, familiarise yourself with the legal obligations and governance structure of the charity. This may include understanding financial reports, attending board meetings, and participating in strategic planning.

Commitment and Time Management: Being a trustee requires a commitment of time and effort. Ensure that you have the capacity to fulfil your duties, attend meetings, and actively contribute to the charity's success.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance: Protect yourself and your fellow board members with Trustee Indemnity insurance. Contact Unity on 0333 0917019 to discuss this insurance and any other insurance needs your charity may have. We are happy answer any questions, we are a charity too and get it!

Becoming a trustee is a big responsibility, but an incredibly fulfilling role. Unity Insurance is here to support you in your commitment to making a positive impact as a trustee, ensuring you have the necessary insurance protection.