Event insurance for spring easter egg hunt
27 February 2024

Why Event Insurance is Your Secret Weapon

Are you gearing up for an exciting group activity this spring? Whether it's an Easter celebration, patriarch day, or a lively sporting event, the season's festivities are right around the corner. At Unity Insurance Services, we understand that many organisations are busy planning outdoor activities like summer fetes. While these events are fantastic for fundraising, they also come with potential risks. Imagine putting in time, effort, and financial resources only to have your event cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. That's where event insurance comes in as your protection.

Cancellation and Abandonment Cover: One important aspect of event insurance is the cancellation and abandonment cover. This ensures that you won't face financial losses if your event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control. Inclement weather, prevailing weather conditions, illness or other unforeseen situations can force an event to be called off. Think about the costs associated with venue or marquee hire, entertainers, caterers, and more – all expenses that could still be incurred even if the event doesn't happen.

Event insurance policies can reimburse these expenses in the event of a cancellation. The key is to secure the insurance cover before the event takes place. The minimal cost of the insurance policy is a small price to pay compared to potential losses without it.

Making a Claim: In the unfortunate event of a cancellation, you'll need to make a claim. It's crucial to document how your event was affected and provide suitable evidence. We recommend taking photographs on the day, especially if the weather takes an unexpected turn. Capturing both the weather conditions and any damage that may arise will strengthen the claim making the process speedier.

However, be aware that there are usually exclusions in event policies. Common exclusions can include losses from the financial failure of the event, poor ticket sales, non-appearance of key individuals, insolvency, or losses recoverable from other insurance. Understanding these exclusions is vital, but talk to the

Moving Forwards with Confidence: To ensure you make the most of spring and your fundraising activities, take a moment to consider event insurance. Whether your event is large or small, our friendly team at Unity Insurance Services is here to help. Let us assist you in navigating the ins and outs of event insurance, so you can focus on making your event a tremendous success. Don't let unforeseen circumstances dampen your spring spirits – safeguard your event with confidence! 

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