Scout Insurance covered

Insurance Cover provided by the Scouts

Insurance automatically provided by the Scouts to its members

We’re trusted by the Scouts to protect what’s most important in Scouting – you, the members.

As a member of the Scouts, what am I covered for?

The Scouts provides protection for its Members while participating in a Scouting activity for:

It also provides


There’s no need for your Scout group to take out insurance for Public Liability or Trustee Indemnity insurance. You're already covered under the Scouts’ policies.


What's additional cover does my Scout group need?

The Scouts’ insurance policies don’t cover everything. There are still some things groups need to insure themselves.

Your Group’s own buildings, equipment, motor vehicles and money, as well as travel are not covered under these policies. You will have to arrange your own insurance for these risks.


Are my personal possessions covered while I am away on a Scouting activity?

No. the Scouts has no legal interest in your personal possessions and therefore cannot insure them against loss or damage.

You should ensure that they are either adequately covered under your household insurance or we can help by providing separate cover under the “Personal Effects” section of our Scout Property and Equipment Insurance policy.

If you are travelling abroad you should ensure that your travel insurance policy has suitable limits of cover for all personal possessions you intend to take with you. Again, contact us to arrange a suitable Overseas Travel policy.

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