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Public Liability Certificate has been extended to 1st May 2025

Scouts Public Liability FAQs

We've included Scouts Public Liability FAQs below.


What does the Scouts Public Liability cover cost my Scout group?

Nothing. The Scouts instruct Unity to arrange this insurance for the organisation and pays for the cover.

What does the Scouts Public Liability policy cover?

The Scout Public Liability policy covers any group member or member of the general public who presents a claim. It investigates the allegations and pays for any legal fees and financial compensation if the group is found to be negligent.

Do we have to display the Public Liability certificate?

No, there is no legal requirement. Third parties are likely to request proof of coverage, and you can provide it as needed.

We hire out our Scout hall for parties. Is this covered under the Scouts Public Liability policy?

Yes, ad hoc hiring out of your building is covered. Any third party organisations, such as a bouncy castle, pet zoo, or disco, must provide proof of their own Public Liability insurance for activities they run. The reason being a group cannot be held accountable for the upkeep of a bouncy castle or how a DJ sets up disco equipment. Both the Scouts and the entertainment providers will have Public Liability insurance to cover any acts of negligence.

Our Scout group rents a hall from a Third Party (school, church etc.). How does the Scout Public Liability work in this instance and who is covered for what?

The third party from whom you are renting property will have their own Public Liability insurance. This is only for their land and property. They will have PL insurance for the same reasons that the Scout's do, to protect people. Groups using a rental property for scouting activities have to ensure all the activities are risk assessed within POR.

We hire out our Scout Hall for a weekly exercise class. Is this covered under the Scouts Public Liability policy?

Anyone who uses the premises on a regular basis and charges a fee for a service must have their own Public Liability insurance for their business. In this case, both the Scouts and the exercise instructor will have PL insurance to cover any acts of negligence. It is always a good idea to request a copy of the outside organisation’s PL certificate rather than assuming that insurance is in place. Likewise, if they ask for a copy of your PL certificate, this is not an unreasonable request and can be shared.

Is administering First Aid covered under Scout Public Liability policy?

The Scouts arranged the Public Liability policy. POR Chapter 8 does include coverage for members providing first aid during scouting activities. Members who use items such as defibrillators are covered because they are widely available and designed to be used by anyone to provide emergency assistance to an individual. It excludes the provision of first aid at non-Scout events as well as general medical treatment.

Does the Scout Public Liability policy include Property Owners’ Liability?

Yes. Property Owners' Liability insurance covers claims by members of the public for injury or financial loss alleging negligence on the property owner. For example, if a member of the public trips on a Scout property and breaks an arm, the claim would fall within PL insurance to investigate.

Does the Scout Public Liability policy include Product Liability?

Yes. Product Liability provides cover for products the group make available to the public. For example, a group may hold a fundraising BBQ and serve food to the general public. People get sick because the meat was not properly cooked. Individuals who have become ill as a result of food poisoning may wish to seek compensation.

As a Scout group, do we need extra Campsite liability cover for climbing and abseiling activities for the public?

No additional cover is required. All these exciting activities are covered providing POR is followed.

If a public footpath runs through a Scout property, who is responsible?

The Highway Authority is usually responsible for a public footpath. Any maintenance concerns or questions should be directed to the local authority. It's worth noting that as the landowner, the group is responsible for keeping footpaths clear of obstructions, cutting back vegetation, and maintaining gates and stiles.

If we organise a summer fate or Christmas fayre, does the Scouts Public Liability cover this fundraiser?

Yes. The group has to do a risk assessment of the event and follow POR guidance.

What activities may our Scout group need additional liability cover for?

You would need to take out additional liability cover for activities involving motor vehicles, aircraft and/or gliders, and marine activities with boats more 5 metres in length.

If you’re unsure if you require additional insurance, contact Unity.

What liability cover may a Scout group need to arrange for itself?

Scout groups may need to arrange for the following: