Public Liability Support for Scouts

Public Liability Support for Scouts

Scouts Public Liability Explained...

What is Public Liability Insurance?


Cover Details:

As a Scout member, you're automatically covered for Public Liability during Scout activities in accordance with Scout POR. This protection extends to claims made by members, their families, or third parties.

Property Owners Liability and Product Liability:

Rest assured, the Scouts Public Liability policy provides comprehensive insurance coverage. It includes protection for property owner's liability, which applies when Scout groups own or maintain land and buildings. This insurance is essential, especially in cases where someone is injured on Scout premises and claims negligence. Additionally, the policy covers Product Liability, ensuring you're safeguarded if products you offer to the public lead to harm or injury. For example, consider a fundraising BBQ where improper cooking causes food poisoning.

Hirer's Liability:

This is valuable for Scout groups who rent out their facilities for events like birthday parties. While individuals renting Scout premises on an ad-hoc basis can benefit from this, it's important to note that regular businesses like hiring the premises should have their own Public Liability insurance in place.

Scout Hall Rentals:

When Scout groups rent out their premises for an ad hoc party, if there is an activity being brought into the hall such as bouncy castles or discos, it's essential that outside parties have their own Public Liability insurance. This ensures the safety and insurance of all participants involved.

Using Other Premises:

For Scout groups not owning or using their premises, the responsibilities change. Scout Public Liability coverage protects members during Scout activities, while the landlord's Public Liability insurance covers claims related to property and land.


Responsibilities for Scout groups:

We want to highlight some important points here. Scout groups need to ensure that hirers are over 18, are aware of safety and security measures, and adhere to the rules for proper supervision and equipment usage. Documenting these measures is essential to protect your group from potential claims.

What's Not Covered:

The Scouts Public Liability policy doesn't cover motor vehicles, aircraft, gliders, or damage caused by boats. But don't worry, we can arrange separate motor and marine insurance to address these situations.

Indemnity Agreements:

If you're required to sign an agreement or indemnity for using another authority's facility, reach out to Unity and ask them to look over the agreement. We will confirm if this meets with the Scout Public Liability insurance policy.


At Unity Insurance, we're dedicated to understanding Scouting and ensuring your safety. Working closely with Scouts HQ, our goal is to provide you with the assurance that your activities are backed by reliable insurance. Your safety is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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