Index Linking - What you need to know
11 October 2023

Index Linking Explained

Updated 9th October 2023

So, you've probably heard the term "index linking" thrown around, and like many, you might wonder, "What on earth is that?" 

Don't worry; we're here to break it down for you in simple, everyday language.

Imagine you're insuring your building. There are two key things to think about:

1. The rebuild value:

This is the amount it would take to rebuild your property from scratch, say, if a fire turned it into a marshmallow.

2. The sum insured:

This covers inflation during the insurance year, on top of the rebuild value.

Now, here's where index linking comes into play. It's like a magic formula used by the insurance market to make sure your property doesn't become underinsured.  And guess what? It works for both buildings and contents insurance.

Index Linking is a superhero for protection It automatically adjusts the rebuild value when costs rise due to inflation. But it's not just tied to inflation rates—it's linked to how inflation affects different things needed to rebuild a home. So, no need for you to constantly revalue your property; index linking has got your back!

Is Index Linking for Everyone? Well, not exactly. Index linking is like an optional topping on your pizza. If you don't ask for it, it's not automatically included. You can also decide to cancel it at any time. Just remember, if you do, you'll need to manually review your property and contents to make sure you're always adequately covered.

How to Find Your Property's Rebuild Cost? To make sure index linking works its magic correctly, you need to start with the right rebuild value. It's like setting the stage for the show. We recommend hiring a chartered surveyor to assess your property professionally or calling Unity to see if we can help you.

Oh, and if you're insuring Scout and Girlguiding premises with us under the Property and Equipment policy, we've got a bonus for you! We offer a free buildings estimation service, exclusive to Scout groups and Guide units insured with Atrium Underwriters. Call Unity to see if you're eligible.

Talk to Our Friendly Experts Insurance can be a time consuming and a mind field, and we're here to be your help. Our team of friendly experts is just a call away. We're all about ensuring your organisation is well protected.

So, if you ever have questions or need help with insurance, don't hesitate to reach out. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we promise we won't make it sound like rocket science.

When it comes to insurance, we've got your back – today and always!