Scouting out insurance for the first time?
26 June 2020

Scouting out insurance for the first time?

We’ve got you covered

We arrange insurance covers for the Scouts, which covers all its members, trustees and local groups. This includes:

This may sound quite comprehensive, but there are some things which the Scout groups will need to cover themselves. This includes insurance that is required by law, insurance that is required by Scout rules, and additional insurance policies for property, equipment, travel and events.

Steering clear of the courts

There are a couple of circumstances for which you absolutely must have insurance, or face hefty fines or prosecution. These include:

Scouting rules, OK

On top of these legal requirements, POR insists upon every group having appropriate and up-to-date insurance cover for the following:

Building back-up

While Property Owner’s Liability covers claims for accidents on Scouting premises, you will still need to protect the property itself. To get the right level of cover, you’ll need to:

  • Get your property valued regularly to ensure you are fully covered if you need to rebuild it. We suggest reviewing your insurance annually and can offer a free buildings valuation
  • Arrange separate cover if you hire out your building to external organisations
  • Your property and possessions should be covered against damage by the tenants
  • Make a contingency plan in case your property becomes unusable, for example after a flood or fire
  • Consider cover for loss of income if you can no longer rent out your premises
  • Calculate how much you would need to rent temporary alternative premises

Cover your assets

No doubt that over the years your Scout group has accumulated a fair amount of paraphernalia, from tables to tents, compasses to cutlery. These are all valuable assets that could cost a lot to replace or repair. To arrange content insurance:

  • List every single item your group owns or uses
  • Note when and where they are used, where they are stored, if they are hired and who by
  • Estimate the cost of replacing each item. Do not use the price you paid and do not put zero if they were donated. You may need to buy new things at a new price.
  • Check your list and values against your group’s insurance policy and inform your insurance broker of any differences.

Get insured for going abroad

Travelling with Scouts can be exciting yet daunting. You can take a load off your mind with the right travel insurance. Be sure to arrange enough cover for medical expenses, repatriation costs, journey cancellation or delay, travel money, your equipment and personal belongings.

Make an event of it

If your group hosts any events, from jumble sales to jamborees, you’ll need to consider insurance to cover the costs of an unavoidable cancellation. This will reimburse equipment and venue hire, ticket sales and other advance purchases, such as food and drink.


Further information

To find out how Unity can help you get started, download our detailed PDF or give us a call on 0345 040 7703.