Fireworks and bonfire insurance for Scouts

Fireworks and bonfire insurance for Scouts

Insurance for Scout Bonfire and Firework Displays

Public Liability Cover

You’re already covered for public liability for injury to the public or damage to their property.

If you have to sign an agreement with a third party, such as a landowner, or you need a copy of the Public Liability Certificate, please contact us.

Other insurance you may need

However you may need your own:

Money Cover

Our Scout Money insurance covers the loss of money belonging to the Group or Unit or for which they are responsible.

This cover includes such features as:

  • Loss of money whilst unattended;
  • Loss of Scout funds from private addresses and while being taken to the bank;
  • Damage to clothing of any official resulting from theft or attempted theft; and
  • Loss of or damage to any safe containing money, caused by thieves.

Flexible options include:

  • Short period cover at fund raising events, such as large firework displays.
  • Scout counties can take out annual cover for their money and all districts and groups within their county.
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